It’s no secret wheelchair-users could use more exercise. Matthew Celeberto, the founder of WHEELSTRONG SPORTS, knows this all too well.

A T8 paraplegic and a serious sled hockey player, athletics are a huge part of his life. He grew up in the world of athletics; baseball, football, weight lifting, and today staying active is more important to him than it ever. “If we do not watch our health it will be that much harder to maintain a healthy life, harder to transfer and harder in general to get around,” he says.

And that’s why Matthew decided to start WHEELSTRONG SPORTS. He wanted people with disabilities who love working out to have a place online to call their own, and a name and brand too. No more letting Nike plaster us with “Just do it.” It’s time to finally have a place recognizing adapted athletes represent who we are; not another corporate entity.

Matthew also wants WHEELSTRONG SPORTS to be the go-to place for wheelchair fitness. Different workouts, different ways to stay healthy for every SCI level; it will also highlight adapted sport teams and athletes. And one of the coolest things it will be doing – sponsoring adapted athletes.

But even more than that Matthew wants WHEELSTRONG SPORTS to become a community for adaptive athletes to talk, share advice, network and learn what other athletes are doing. No other site has set out to do this. WHEELSTRONG SPORTS plans to fill this need.

And just in time for our launch, we have awesome WHEELSTRONG SPORTS gear for both men and women available, as well as water bottles, bracelets, muscle tees, key chains and bumper stickers, and WHEELSTRONG SPORTS tops for the LADIES. Check out the WHEELSTRONG SPORTS store here WHEELSTRONG.COM

If you would like to contribute to WHEELSTRONG SPORTS, we would love to hear from you. Your personal workout and diet tips, equipment you can’t live without, share it. We’d love to share it with the world. If you have tips to share please send those to us at