Bethany Hoppe

Bethany A. Hoppe is an author and speaker who promotes the status of women and girls with disabilities through speaking, performance, and educational outreach. She holds a Masters in Communications and is currently working on her Doctoral degree in Metaphysical Counseling. Bethany keeps in shape with Seated Yoga, Qigong, and Free Weights.


Born with Spina Bifida, Bethany uses her life experiences to share simple truths about living in a diverse society first as a woman, and second as a woman with a disability. One person, one classroom, and one audience at a time. Bethany identifies that spark of humanity that makes all of us so similar, yet so unique, and uses it as a powerful vehicle to educate her listeners.  With Honors in writing, film, acting, modeling, pageantry, and disabled athletics, Bethany fluidly connects people of all ages and interests to their own inner power and ability. While also promoting a greater understanding and value towards our differences.

What WHEELSTRONG SPORTS means to Bethany:

WHEELSTRONG means forward motion, strength, durability, and a tenaciousness to keep in the game of life.  I think, “Don’t just wheel through life…wheel strong through life.”  The rolling community should be involved with WHEELSTRONG because its core message is to stay strong, not to back off.

Why others should get involved in the WHEELSTRONG SPORTS Community:

Find a way to drive through every block life might put in your path.  There is no reason why the WHEELSTRONG message and logo should not be synonymous with Nike, Reebok, and other sporting brands – just tailored and representative of the adaptive sports and workout community.

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