Julie Bryant

Julie has lived in Orlando, Florida for the past 22 years and is originally from Alabama. She obtained her mental health degrees (Bachelors, Masters and Post) from the University of Alabama and worked for the prison system. She was awarded the Victory award for the State of Alabama for her work and spent time in DC working on the writing and implementing of the ADA Laws.

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Locating to Orlando, she ran numerous psychiatric units for different ages and later hung her own shingle in private practice. Some of her passions in life include out loud laughter, music (guitar blues top the rank), socialization with friends, family and strangers, beach, swimming, good nibbles of food and fuzzy love. Clinician, author, inventor, advocate… Julie has the personality to reach out, bring a smile to others and continue to look for way to bring increased laughter to her own heart.

The greatest work of my life has been the prison system and house arrest clients.  You see your work in some who are hurting and working hard to change. I have been in my chair for over 30 years and just still do not really realize it.  I know that I am now passing years by, but I feel 25 and still have that sense of fun, curiosity and need to make everything happen once. Somewhat silly nature I guess, but I still choose that any day over stress filled and lowered self-esteem. I just do not know how to live in those statuses.

 I believe that we really only get good feelings if we work as hard as possible to be independent, only allowing help when we need it. No one is responsible for taking care of us in life and that belief has carried me further than I would have ever imagined. Taking care of my body has increased my self-esteem and I believe, given me many years of pleasure.”

What WHEELSTRONG SPORTS means to Julie:

I do not spend time talking or thinking about using my wheelchair as a mode of transportation.  It is a built-in cognitive after 30 years.  To me, WHEELSTRONG has multiple meanings. First, an increase of mental strength and then an increase in physical strength (to your ability).  Storm ahead in life socially and professionally in a strong manner. Build goals that keep you in constant forward (wheel) motion. These things keep me WHEELSTRONG!

Why people should get involved in the WHEELSTRONG SPORTS Community:

Everyone needs someone and WHEELSTRONG is a place for all people to connect and grow. We have things in common to share and things to learn from others.  It is a place to encourage others to WHEELSTRONG in life. Support is so important for growth and positive self-esteem.

Whether we give a little or a lot, I believe someone needs the knowledge and kindness we each have to share. Share it where it is welcomed and enjoyed on this great site wheelstrong.com that Matthew and his team have developed!

I spent one year writing about becoming my WHEELSTRONG self in my book “God Knew I Loved Pizza”.  It is a rollercoaster ride that requires tissues, as you move through many different emotions. My actions that lead to the title of the book is found within the pages.  It is not a thumping religious book, but certainly speaks of my strength from my faith.

A young, carefree, independent, world at my fingertips, wife and mother of two and then life changes. Short description… Fast, hard and then a sudden stop. Honestly, to me the first couple of chapters are somewhat boring and then bang, the ride begins. Many healthcare professionals have used the book while in training and the number of disabled readers, friends and caretakers continues to increase.

You will learn other details about Julie by visiting her book site www.GodKnewILovedPizza.com You may also purchase her book there or online from numerous sources.


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